Human Resources Management Policy

GSS group

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Human Resources

Recognition from the contact center sector
for the way GSS manages teams through its human resource management policy.


HR Department










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HR Management Policy

  • GSS Group was recently awarded the CRC Gold Prize for "Best People Management in Customer Relations" by IZO System, IFAES and the AEECCC. This prize evidences the recognition by the contact center sector towards the way that GSS manages teams through its human resource management policy.

  • The objective of the HR Department is to create “stable relationships” working from an operational perspective and in line with the strategies of our internal (employees) and external clients (customers).

  • A competence-based management policy is used which consists of implementing a new style making it possible to manage the professionals within an organization more effectively by taking advantage of and boosting their knowledge, skills and attitudes.

  • Companies that properly manage their human resources will gain a competitive edge as the success of an organization is based on the quality and availability of its staff.
  • The more integrated the team is and the more the qualities of each one of its members are taken advantage of, the greater its value will be for the company.

Competence Manaage Model

  • This model offers the possibility of developing all human resource policies in an integrated manner with the people at the core.

  • For this reason and given the experience and knowledge of GSS, we can affirm that competence-based, integrated human resources management is the most adaptable, flexible and efficient system used today. Implementing it has been proven to provide organizations with satisfactory short, intermediate and long-term results as it allows effective alignment with strategies/end objectives.