GSS: leaders in customer services for Public Administrations.


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Public Administrations


As part of our vocation to be leaders in the provision of services for Public Administrations, we are aware of the special characteristics of these sectors and the unique sensitivity of the services they offer.
For this reason, GSS Group has created a specialized division that is capable of efficiently meeting the requirements the various Public Administrations may have as part of a strict commitment to quality.

Mission and objectives

  • The establishment of long-lasting and trusting professional relationships with the Administration.

  • The definition of individual solutions for the specific needs of each Administration and each project. 

  • The capacity to design and manage solutions for all phases identified in the relational process with those being administered (life cycle).

  • Performing services in accordance with the most demanding quality criteria.

  • A pro-active attitude towards the constant evolution of the services managed by assigning specific resources for continuous improvement based on the ongoing analysis of the results obtained.

Who this is aimed at


We work with the 3 levels of public administration:

  • National Government Customer Service.

  • Autonomous Regional Government Customer Service.

  • Local Government Customer Service. 


  • Customer Services for autonomous regional governments and local governments.

  •  Public emergencies.

  • Information service on specific topics: Employment, Housing, Depencency, Healthcare, Education, Environment, Youth Services, Tourism, etc.