GSS: comprehensive solutions for the energy industry.


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GSS offers comprehensive solutions to control and manage all the different aspects of the energy market by applying the most innovative technologies for multi-channel customer management services in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency and quality with a positive impact on sales.
We are specialists in the provision of energy sector services outsourcing as we offer a 24x7 customer service channel and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


Who this is aimed at

  • Gas companies.
  • Large electricity companies.
  • Water entities.



  • Face-to-face actions to switch to the free market.

  • Telephone sales actions: recruit new customers, market services, billing, etc.

  • Sales force to market products.

  • Call center providing information and management of new accounts and cancellations, counter readings, billing and collections.

  • Virtual office management. Web collaboration.

  • 24x7 breakdown service.

  • Face-to-face management of sales offices.

  • Permanent database updating service.

  • Mystery Shopping

  • Etc...