Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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sep 11

"GSS Group signs an agreement with the Municipality of Pueblo Libre in Peru. "

After signing the official document, the representatives of GSS highlighted the commitment of GSS to keep on supporting the sustainable growth of the labor market and offering opportunities to the most needed ones. On the side Municipality of the Distrito de Pueblo LIebre, the Major Rafael Santos celebrated this bilateral agreement thanking GSS’ initiative as a private company with great international reputation, to create and develop mechanisms of mutual collaboration and benefit, with the purpose of promoting training, and development at an academic and practical level.

The initiatives to formalize the labor market and the economic growth of the country help these type of activities to be well received by the NGO’s which assure that GSS is setting a milestone regarding commitment to development of society searching for mutually beneficial with the Estate Entities.