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sep 12

"GSS Group has been selected by the Ministry of Education in Argentina for ambitious education project. "

The Ministry of Education in Argentina has selected GSS Group for the management of the call center of the education project “Pensá en Grande” whose objective is to offer a differential service to the students of the city of Buenos Aires via telemarketing and customer care.


The new service for which GSS has been selected by the Ministry of Education in Argentina requires an exhaustive know-how of the contact center world, which comes through long Experience in the sector, and the integration of the telephone management with the communication systems of the Ministry of the country of reference.

GSS phone agents will inform the students of the city of Buenos Aires about the options they have once they have finished their secondary education, providing information about private and public universities. The contact center will manage and generate the phone contact with the students of secondary schools of the city of Buenos Aires, respecting the processes and scripts required by the Ministry of Education.

The program “Pensá en Grande” will have a representative from the call center of GSS who will be the main point of contact with the responsible of the program within the city’s Ministry of Education. The management model of the responsible will deal with strategic matters requested from the institution.


The telephone representatives who work for GSS follow a strict recruitment process and an exhaustive training period to meet the high demands of the Argentinean Government, in terms of diction, vocabulary, communication fluency, interpersonal sensitivity, discipline, and team work capabilities among many other fundamental qualities to provide a customer service for the students efficient and optimal.

In this way, GSS will contribute with the Ministry of Education to decrease the rate of student abandonment, as well as to anticipate problems by listening to the student. In this line, GSS will continue to work in its expansion in LatAm for nearshore and offshore services as one of its main objectives for this year.



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