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sep 12

"GSS Opens up a new building devoted entirely to recruitment and training. "

San Demetrio is the new building devoted exclusively to recruitment and training in Lima, Peru. GSS started its operation in Peru more than 7 years ago for services for Spain and also for other regional countries, and local companies. Given the outstanding growth in the demand of services in said region, GSS has opened a new center devoted exclusively to recruitment and training purposes.

More than 75,000 candidates will go through thise center, and this number keeps on growing on monthly basis (4%).

The complete recruitment process goes as follows:

1. Analysis and description of the position to be covered.

2. Creation of profile.

3. Internal and external recruitment.

4. CV selection.

5. Contact and first evaluation.


6.  Psychotechnic testing.


7. Interviews and/ or group exercises.  

8. Assessment and selection of candidates.

9. Reports of selected candidates.

10. Communication of the result of the process and training.

11. Follow- up of the hired candidate.


Regarding the exhaustive training plans, these are oriented to integrate all the processes of the service and it is directed to all the services of the corresponding campaign.


Once selected to work at GSs, our operators adhere to a program of continuous improvement.  


Consult our human resourcers policy at (Human Resources Policy:



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