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ago 27

"GSS GROUP signs the collaboration agreement with the Cruz Roja’s employment plan for labour integration"

GSS Group has become in one of the collaborating companies of “Un Reto Social Empresarial” driving by Cruz Roja.

Sello Cruz Roja



The employment is one of the huge challenges that ins front by our society and, as every challenges, it’s implies an opportunity for the companies to incorporate into their staff excited people and motivated, willing to provide their eagerness and knowledge. “El Reto Social Empresarial” contribute actively to improve the employment access for that people who have it harder. 

GSS Group has developed some initiatives for the disadvantaged people’s labour integration: Disableds (through our Employment Centers), young people, women, people with some social difficulties...

Thanks to this “Reto Social Empresarial” GSS Group has participated with Cruz Roja and the others collaborating companies achieving important results:

- 94.552 people have accessed to an employment. The 61% are women.

- 466.724 people with some social difficulties have remained active in employment search. The 55.37% are women.


In GSS Group we keep working for the social inclusion with other initiatives such as Discatel, for the disabled people’s insertion to the contact center world.