Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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dic 04

"GSS Group finishes its days of Design Thinking for its integrated project of Customer Experience Improvement "

GSS Group finalized its last day of Design Thinking for the Improvement of Customer Experience on Friday. The different sessions took place in an unbeatable setting, the Vodafone Lab. 

Design Thinking



Located in the innovative facilities of Vodafone Plaza, the main interdepartmental representatives of Grupo GSS Spain locked themselves up without mobiles, without computers and without interruptions, to look for the best alternatives to continue with the initiative of the Group of full implementation of our CEX strategy. 


Although the client's experience "has always been in the DNA of the company" as stated by D. César López, CEO of the Group, during the closing ceremony, this initiative will help "put the following steps for a full implementation" added López.


Design Thinking

The sessions were divided between fun team building activities, team dynamics to identify opportunities for improvement within the organization, definition of the customer journey of our clients, work on the empathy map and many other actions that have laid solid foundations of work to continue with the unstoppable project of GSS Group to be a company fully aligned client.

The GSS Group plan intends to intensively deepen the previous work of the sessions, influencing all the departments of the organization and their processes.

This initiative is part of the strategic plan of GSS Group de Transformation, which includes relevant aspects of digital transformation (we progress successfully in the optimization of processes thanks to GSuite), quality (certification in ISO 27001 and PCI, implementation of active listening of the voice of the client, etc.), as well as of people (eNPS and other more advanced initiatives). 


Collage Designe Thinking