Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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mar 20

"GSS adheres to the Code of Good Practices for Talent Management and the Improvement of the Company's Competitiveness"

On March 7, GSS Group picked up the company badge that adheres to the Code of Good Practices for Talent Management and Competitiveness of the Company, granted by the Spanish Association of Executives and Counselors. GSS thus acquires the commitment to follow the principles and recommendations contained in the EJE & CON Code.




With this step, GSS advances towards a shared leadership based on the selection of the best talent and training to achieve diversity in all its variants.  


To this end, it has accepted the commitments contained in the EJE & CON Code, including the participation in the Code Monitoring Survey, which will allow assessing the situation of Spanish companies in the field of equal opportunities.  


In this event held at the headquarters of Bankia de Madrid, the opportunity was taken to hold a round table on the current situation of professional women in Spain and talent management, where Paloma del Val, coordinator of the Code, authored and vice president of EJE & CON, who has ensured that "With the Code, we do not seek to change the language, we seek to give an inclusive sense to the words we use, that is, that Senior Management is an accessible and comfortable place for directives. "


At the end of the ceremony, the Committed Company Badge was given to the 16 participating organizations, among which GSS is proud. 


With these new accessions, there are forty-seven companies committed to the principles of the EJE & CON Code. 


EJE & CON was born in 2015 with the idea of promoting the talent and visibility of women in Senior Management and access to Boards of Directors. Following these indications, the Code of Good Practices for the Management of Talent and the Competitiveness of the Company was created.


This code has been developed with a double objective:


Improve competitiveness: Facilitate Spanish organizations the adoption of concrete measures that allow them to improve their competitiveness and their results, bringing out talent without gender.


Facilitate women's access: Contribute to the promotion of measures that facilitate women's access to positions of Senior Management, Steering Committees and Boards of Directors.


Every year this Code takes more importance among Spanish companies, thus achieving the participation of large companies such as CaixaBank, who also wanted to join this initiative by sponsoring the Follow-up Survey of the EJE & CON Code.