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mar 20

"GSS and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of Madrid (FEMM) join in favor of labor integration"

GSS Group has signed an agreement to collaborate together with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of Madrid (FEMM) in the labor insertion of people with disabilities. With the signing of this agreement, various collaboration channels are opened between the Special Employment Center of GSS and the FEMM, with a fruitful and profitable future for both. 




The main objective of the Special Employment Center of GSS in this agreement is to promote the social and employment of people with disabilities integration, mainly those considered difficult to insert, by developing a competitive, lasting and profitable business activity.

The commitment of this agreement, both by GSS and FEMM, is not only to offer a job to people with disabilities, but also to offer the possibility of incorporating this group into a work environment that allows them to develop a long professional career term.

To this end, FEMM has created an employment portal for people with multiple sclerosis and / or disability, aimed at the training and employment inclusion of people affected by Multiple Sclerosis, through the Guidance, Mediation and Labor Promotion Service.

In 2018, this Service of Orientation, Mediation and Labor Promotion of FEMM surpassed 40% of insertions of the candidates of the program. Thanks to collaborations like this, FEMM expects in 2019 to reach 50%.