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mar 20

"GSS receives the visit of the Emilio Jimeno Institute"

GSS Group has organized visits to the IES Emilio Jimeno students to make them aware of the Entrepreneurs Project from the GSS platform in Calatayud.  




Two different groups of about 15 students visited us accompanied by the Head of Studies of the Institute. The students were able to see first-hand the work we do at GSS, our facilities and the quality of the human capital that is part of the Group.

The students showed their interest in the variety of roles played within the organization, contemplating the contact center as an opportunity for training and personal and professional growth. 

During the visit, one of the human resources managers of GSS explained to students the importance of work flexibility as a company strategy to achieve family conciliation or studies, which directly affects a better work environment. 

Likewise, the young people received information on how to participate in the GSS Group professional project, where the fundamental quality of our candidates is the desire to work and excel.