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jun 21

"GSS Group new partner of CONACEE"

GSS Group has decided to take a step further in the labor integration of people with disabilities and join CONACEE (National Confederation of Special Employment Centers) as a Grand Representation Partner.



Thanks to this association, GSS tries to achieve improvements in the advice, maintenance and, especially, the growth of its Special Employment Centers. On the other hand, this inclusion in CONACEE makes it possible to publicize the role played by GSS as a socio-labor integrator.

The two GSS Special Employment Centers, now represented by CONACEE, will thus facilitate their main task: to promote as much as possible the recruitment and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Likewise, this membership implies, not only a national representation, but also at the regional level through the Autonomous Federations of the Communities in which each of the GSS Special Employment Centers are located.

This union with CONACEE, implies being part of the oldest Employer of the Sector of Special Employment Centers that currently represents more than 400 CEE with staff that reach 20,000 workers with some type of disability.


Last week GSS participated in the European Special Employment Center program in Leipzig, thanks to CONACEE.