Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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feb 20


GSS awarded with the GOLD to the Best Contact Center customer, second year on a row.  


The customer gains power every time that he makes a purchase decision, recommends a product, or shares an opinion. That is why we are filled with honour to receive the Estrategias Award to the Best Contact Center company in Spain.


This award is particularly meaningful to us, because it is precisely our customers who have decided to award Grupo GSS for its customer services. Grupo GSS has won in the GOLD category over other larger companies at an international level because we count on a differential advantage: OUR CUSTOMERS' TRUST.


This award is the rsutl of the work of an excellentteam, that has also been recently awarded with a Special Award to the Management of Human Capital. GSS Group is composed of a team specialised in customer services, with a managing team with an expertise of over 25 years, who are all aligned with the goal of achieving the best customer satisfaction.



For the second time on a row, our clients have voted por expereince, innovation, flexibility, adaptability and top notch technologies. Thanks to all of you for trusting GSS Group. We dedicate this award to all of you who have put their trust on us.



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