Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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mar 20

"EVO Intelligent Banking selects GSS Group for its Contact Center."

EVO Intellingent Banking selects Grupo GSS for its contact center. 

EVO, the new brand of NCG Bank has as main goal to gain share of market through important changes in the customer services and commercialization processes.

NCG Bank have released EVO to the market, a new concept of banking. The project is presided by Mr. Jose Maria Castellano, with the help of the CEO Mr. Cesar Gonzalez Bueno.  


EVO selected GSS Group for the management of its contact center. Global Sales Solutions (GSS Group) has an expertise of over 25 years in the banking industry at an international level, this industry being 25% of the total turnover for GSS.

The intelligent banking of EVO starts with a telephone number for its customers:901 911 901, with the guarantee of the best telephone customer services. "We want that our clients recommend us. We are more interested in customer satisfaction than volume of clients", stated some representatives of the EVO project durgin its lauch last week, and couting on a quality contact center is essential to achieve this goal.

“Come into the intelligent EVO account" is the claim with which EVO starts its life. From the  merge of the greatest experts in electronic banking and the leaders in customer care services appears EVO Intelligent Banking.