Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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"GSS has unique knowledge in the Contact Center Sector."

Manuel  Sole, manager of non present channels for Iberdrola.  


Manuel Sole has a degree in Industrial Engineering, with a masters in Operation Research and an MBA. He is married, with two children. He has worked for Iberdrola for more than 6 years and a half where he has found the perfect place for his main hobby, work, which he reconciles with his other hobbies: skiing, smoking cigars, historical cinema and travel, history and nature documentaries.

Manuel is a very perfectionist and detail- oriented person who has devoted the last five years of his career to the non present channel, gaining, achieving with the rest of the Iberdrola team, several acknowledgements of the effort on this area.

Iberdrola has achieved a valuation of 8 over 10 for customer care. 74% of the calls have been resolved in the first contact. Iberdrola receives an average of 11.5 million inbound calls per year, among which there are information petitions about invoices and receipts, contract management, claims, etc. Iberdrola issues 350.000 calls every year. 




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