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"Peru: Frost & Sullivan Recognizes GSS with the Growth Leadership Award."


The Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award is given to the company that has demonstrated excellence by achieving the highest compound growth in the last 3 years.
GSS was able to earn larger market shares than its direct competitors in the Peruvian contact center services outsourcing market in 2009.
This achievement was possible with the consolidation of its offshore operations with Spain and the emerging amount of local and regional business. Based on revenue alone, GSS has obtained 13 percent of the market so as to position itself as one of the major competitors in Peru and the Spanish speaking market. The large majority of its competitors in Peru were not able to maintain similar performance to GSS year after year. This fact catapulted them to second place in a fragmented and very competitive market.
Factor 1: The consolidation of GSS international business has been capable of maintaining and consolidating offshore business with Spain while penetrating new vertical segments in this country such as banking, telecommunications, insurance, public services and utilities. It has also been capable of entering new international markets such as Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia.
Factor 2: Increased participation in the Peruvian market. Although the primary objective of opening up a center in Peru was to provide offshore services to Spain, the truth is the need to take advantage of the investments made and earn a share in the local market during such difficult times in the global economy became a key objective over the last year. In the end, the offshore services market to Spain was not able to maintain the 2008 growth rate.  In this context, GSS won important local and regional accounts that allowed them to provide consistency to their operations and ensure new sources of revenue and greater competiveness.
Factor 3: Enriched portfolio of services and solutions. Another key objective that has supported the growth of GSS has been the expansion and deepening of its portfolio of services and solutions. Although a significant part of its revenue in Peru is still related to sales services, GSS today is capable of providing its clients with a complete solution from the beginning to the end. In fact, the penetration into the total revenue of services such as help desk and customer services has considerably increased over the last 2 years. Moreover, GSS has been able to successfully replicate the quality standards of its parent company at each one of its centers. GSS has created and expanded an ambitious process to establish COPC standard quality guidelines throughout its organization.
Factor 4: The expansion of the vertical segments served made possible the diversification of revenue. The third-party contact center market in Peru still heavily depends on the demand from the telecommunications industry. Despite the fact that the same applies to local GSS revenue, this company has been able to open up new markets (banking, insurance, utilities) in order to diversify its revenue sources.

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