Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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sep 15

"Agreement to Train Low Income Young People."

It’s the first three-party collaboration agreement between a private company and Peruvian state organizations.

Escudo Universidad San Marcos




On Monday, May 31st, GSS Group, the leading Spanish multinational company in the contact center sector, signed the first mutual collaboration agreement with the National University of San Marcos - the top Peruvian university and the oldest in America - and with the Pro Youth program - for Youth Employment Training of the Ministry of Labor to train young people with scarce economic resources in telemarketing. 


The National University of San Marcos, which is considered to be the most important and representative higher education institution in Peru as well as the main scientific and social research center in Peru, was represented by Magister Orestes Cachay. Program Director Freddy Hinojosa signed the good intentions of the agreement on behalf of Pro Youth and Miguel Sanz, Director of International Operations, did so for GSS Group.


This agreement - pioneer in Peru- certifies GSS training processes and also guarantees the job insertion of young Peruvians with little resources who are searching for their first employment experience. In this way, GSS becomes an important reservoir for

professional development in the community as well as a trustworthy job insertion source.