Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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abr 11

"Almost 100% of the population is satisfied in Galicia with Emerxencias 061, a service provided by GSS."

Almost 100% of the users would choose this service again to receive health assistance, according to the results of a survey addressed to the population that uses the Fundacion Publica Urxencias Sanitarias.

Periódico ABC


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abr 10

"My office is everybody's office"

The president at GSS shares his office with other chief executives, because they think more and better this way.

Vicente López en Expansión 

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abr 05

"A good service generates legions of advocates of a brand. "

Juan Carlos Fouz, founder and CEO at IZO Systems shares with GSS Group his thoughts about the best quality practices in the contact center and how this affects the Experience of the customers and their loyalty with the brand.

Juan Carlos Fouz para GSS


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abr 04

"Proven Benefits by improving customer satisfaction."

GSS interviews Alejandro del Riccio, General Director for Kenwin, about the advantages of adopting a specific methodology for the contact center, such as the COPC®.

Alejandro del Riccio- COPC 


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