Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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abr 05

"A good service generates legions of advocates of a brand. "

Juan Carlos Fouz, founder and CEO at IZO Systems shares with GSS Group his thoughts about the best quality practices in the contact center and how this affects the Experience of the customers and their loyalty with the brand.

Juan Carlos Fouz para GSS


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abr 04

"Proven Benefits by improving customer satisfaction."

GSS interviews Alejandro del Riccio, General Director for Kenwin, about the advantages of adopting a specific methodology for the contact center, such as the COPC®.

Alejandro del Riccio- COPC 


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abr 03

"POS Customer Services adds value to companies."

POS customer services have been on significant incresing demand during the last years, specially becauses it has become very important for companies to interact with their clients across all the possible channels. 

GSS Field Marketin


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abr 02

"Undertaking a company is not only for youngsters."

Vicente López, president at GSS, tells his business trajectory to the Spanish magazine Capital.

Revista Capital- Entrevista Vicente López 

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